Joli Vyann seeks Dancers/ Acrobats

Joli Vyann looking for dancers / acrobats


Joli Vyann are looking for a number of performers for different projects, starting from 2018 going through to 2019. We are looking for performers for a new indoor show, a new outdoor show and possible covers for current shows.
Performers should have the following skills
- Contemporary dance (particularly athletic, dynamic, floorwork and contact)
- Hand to hand acrobatics (advanced skills, dynamic and static. Flyers, middle and base roles.)
- General acrobatics is helpful
- Experience on stage and the ability to be creative, take direction and learn choreography with a strong theatrical presence.
- interest in working indoors, outdoors and working as a team.
Ideal candidates will have a mixture of the above skills. However, if you are highly skilled in one of the disciplines (dance or hand to hand) and currently working on your skills in the other discipline, please let us know in your application and send a video of your current skill level in both disciplines.
Applications should include CV, letter of motivation and why you are interested in our work and a showreel or video demonstrating your skills. Please email all of this to
Audition dates 19th-21st February 2018. The location is to be confirmed on invitation but will be either London or Bournemouth.
If you do not know our work please look at our website and look at our current show trailers.
Deadline for application 12th February 2018. Successful applicants will be notified by the 14th February.

Audition coming up

Joli Vyann seeks female Contemporary Dancer/Flyer
Joli Vyann are a unique UK based company who blend hand to hand acrobatics and contemporary dance.
Joli Vyann are looking for a highly skilled female performer to cover an existing role in their show ‘Imbalance’. The performer must have excellent dance abilities (e.g. strong floor work, contemporary technique and contact skills) and experience as a flyer of a hand-to-hand duo (e.g. one arm hand-to-hand, handstand on feet, standing on head etc…).
Suitable candidates should have strong stage presence and a minimum of 2 years professional experience in dance and hand-to-hand/partner acrobatics.
Please find below two trailers of ‘Imbalance’:

Please check out our website for more information on our style and work:
Audition date: 6th & 7th of March in London details of location TBC.

The 6th will be a general audition and the 7th will be a call back. Bring comfortable clothes and kneepads.
Dates confirmed for contract:
16th-30th March. Rehearsal period plus performance.
Possible extra performance dates: 25th-30th April

Fee £500 per week plus travel expenses, accommodation for rehearsals provided upon discussion.

Please do not apply if you cannot be present for all of the above dates.

To apply please send your CV and showreel to by Saturday 25th February 2107 6pm.
We will let people know if they are invited to audition on Monday 27th February.