Fusing dance and circus, in a collaboration with internationally renowned Choreographer Jonathan Lunn, Joli Vyann present Imbalance.

Integrating exciting acrobatic skills with athletic dance in an energetic and thought-provoking performance that explores our obsessive dependence with technology, asking whether our lives are ‘in’ or ‘out’ of balance?

It is rare nowadays not to ‘log in’ at every opportunity- the breakfast table, nights out with friends, even in bed! How well connected are you? When and how do we separate ourselves from the virtual chaos surrounding us?

Created by Joli Vyann & Jonathan Lunn

Performed by Jan Patzke & Olivia Quayle (Joli Vyann)

Choreographed by Jonathan Lunn

Produced by Turtle Key Arts

Lighting Design by Aideen Malone

Sound Design and Original Composition by Dougie Evans

Costume Design by Tina Bicat

Set Construction by Junction Inc Ltd