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Don’t Drink and Dance and H2H Production Information


Don’t Drink and Dance  x 2

H2H x 4

Performance Space:

7×7 meters

We can perform on flat
surface or grass. If you can
provide a stage or dance
floor that would be very
helpful, otherwise we can
bring our own floor.

Get in time: 

20 minutes if we have to set our own floor. If you provide a floor/ stage:
5 mins. We are very self-sufficient and therefore don’t require a
technical team. We need to arrive 3 hours before our performance time to allow time for setting up, warm up, tricks, costumes etc. Please let us know if this is not possible.

Sound and Light:

We have our own sound system. However if you provide a sound
system we require a CD-player or iPod connection.
If the performance time is after sunset, we require basic stage light.

Access Requirements:

We require access on site for our van and somewhere to park. If we are
to bring our own flooring, we would be grateful of a drop-off point
close to the performance site.

Warm-Up space: 

We require warm up space: preferably, with a ceiling of at least 4 meters. If this is not
possible please let us know and we can talk about options.


We require travel costs, food on performance days and accommodation where necessary.


Joli Vyann Tech Rider

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have require any
further information.